Ruth Curry, BIOS

Ruth Curry, Program Leader,

Ruth is an Adjunct Scientist at BIOS and a Senior Research Specialist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Ruth is a physical oceanographer who utilizes modern tools and techniques to better understand the ocean general circulation and its dynamics, the spatial and temporal changes in ocean circulation and water properties, and how these observed changes relate to Earth’s climate system. She has worked in the North Atlantic Ocean for three decades, and launched MAGIC at BIOS in 2014.

Cordielyn Goodrich, BIOS

Cordielyn Goodrich, Glider Operational and Technical Support,

Cordielyn Goodrich joined the BIOS technical staff in May 2019. She worked with Ruth Curry managing gliders and logistics in the MAGIC Lab. Cordie earned her bachelor’s in mathematics, biology, and computer science from Washington College (Maryland, USA) and her master’s in marine studies/oceanography from the University of Delaware, where she worked with underwater gliders for her thesis project. Prior to coming to BIOS she spent a year piloting gliders in Lake Tahoe and in the ice near Antartica.

Bruce Williams, Laboratory Operations Technician,

Bruce provides general technical support to MAGIC, helping to ensure that the facility is well equipped and operating properly in order to maintain glider operations.